Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Soon Yim & Phek Hoon Wedding

Date: 23/1/2010
Time: 7:30pm
Venue: Corner Club (beside Evergreen Hotel)
Please do RSVP before 16/1/2010.

Our brother Ah Yam's BIG day on 23 Jan 2010. So, heng tai and liquor must be there as well. Anyway, Ah Yam brother can't drink bir or wine or liquor due to health problem (too much stunt act in the toilet maybe), so i guess the liquor has to target on someone else. At least his wife has to drink one full glass of bir.

One of the agenda from Wee Ee is to make Kiew Foong drunk. I don't understand why everybody want to target him in all the wedding events, only he himself can tell.

Maybe instead of KF this time, we should target Wee Ee instead.
So, i will let you guy vote who is the target other than Kiew Foong.

i cast my vote: Wee Ee


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