Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Siang Keat's Wedding

First of all... congratulation to Siang Keat and Elaine! A dream came true for both of u this morning. With the help of all parties, the wedding went smooth as planned.

Hmmm... I only got 1 comment. It's about the "ciap sin niong" (接新娘). No need 1st and 2nd line defense... no wasabi, no bitter hot kopi-o, no sweet and sour drinks, no fancy banana, no mambo dance -.- ... pheew... no this.. no that... kekeke... it's the most lenient "ciap sin niong" i had came across b4. As quoted by my friend.... this category is very depend on the bride's friends. In this case this group of gals r nice and most co-operative. Good job gals!

Soo Hin and Jenny Registration Day

I'm proudly announce that from now on, Soo Hin and Jenny are husband and wife. They registered on 17th December 2006 at Che Hoon Khor Moral Uplifting Society, Penang (槟城德教会紫云阁)... and I were very honor to be one of their witness. Gong Xi Gong Xi...